6 Biggest Skin Problems Solved!

Women of all ages want to look and feel their best at all times. Part of feeling your best is knowing that you have skin that is smooth, glowing and clear. Getting to this point might require overcoming current and recurring skin problems. Women often battle skin problems their whole lives, with the following 6 problems that happens most often.

The 6 Biggest Skincare Problems

The most common problems include excessive oil production, dry skin, dark spots, acne, wrinkles and age spots, and also rosacea. All of these conditions can make us feel unattractive and unhappy with our appearance. Luckily, there are many solutions that can help people overcome these common skin issues which we will discuss in this article. 

Excessive Oil Production

One highly common skin problem that many people find themselves facing is that of excessive oil production. In many instances, when excessive amounts of oil is produced, the result can be skin that is too shiny and visually unattractive. Restoring the natural balance of oil is important to help maintain healthy skin at all times.  Few things you can do is stop washing your face too often, using products containing harsh chemicals, drink 6-8 glasses of water daily, reduce your intake of sugar, fried foods and salt. You can also use specific facial care products such as an anti-aging serum with an organic formulation that is PH balanced, which can help decrease the production of oil and make the skin feel less oily and more balanced.

Dry Skin

Another problem that many people face on a day to day basis is that of dry skin. Skin that is too dry often lacks enough essential oil. Restoring the right amount of oil is crucial. One of the best ways to help reduce the incidence of dry skin is to avoid using commercial creams that have mineral and petroleum ingredients, wash your face with a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser, exfoliate your face a few times a week, moisturize effectively, and avoid products that contain alcohol that can further dry your skin.

It's also very helpful to turn to a product such as an organic facial serum that contains vitamin C, B and E, aloe vera, neem oil, and is free of mineral and petroleum ingredients. Each of these vitamins has been shown to help improve the look of the skin and help add moisture to make it less dry. Using a product with such vitamins on a weekly basis can help combat dry skin and make their skin look younger and more radiant.

Dark Spots/Discoloration

Dark spots and skin discoloration can be quite bothersome and make people feel very self-conscious. Getting rid of such spots or reducing their appearance can often be done with the right regimen and products. Some of the natural things you can do to get rid of your dark spots are: Applying aloe vera and vitamin E has shown great benefits for reduction of dark spots and getting rid of skin discoloration.

An all natural skincare product containing aloe vera, neem oil and vitamin E can truly help you remove those unwanted dark spots.  Many users are able to see results quickly as a product of this type will often work fast once it has been applied properly. 


Today's beauty and cosmetics industry is flooded with various acne treatments and solutions. The right kind of acne treatment will vary depending on multiple factors. Such factors include the severity of the acne, how much acne is present and what kind of other skin conditions someone has. Here are some great ways you can do to treat your acne: Wash your face daily with an oil-free face wash, check your hormone levels, try to reduce your stress, watch what you eat by avoiding high-glycemic foods like bread and sweets.

In general, it is best to look for a professional skincare product that contains ingredients that have been shown to reduce the severity of acne and reduce the possibility of long-term acne scarring.  A product that won't over-dry your skin but instead heal acne while maintaining the delicate balance of your skin.  If you have sensitive skin it is best to avoid any commercial products that contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that can make the condition even worse.

Products that have known ingredients such as white willow bark extract, blue green algae and leaf juice can greatly reduce acne. Those looking for help with acne will need to apply any such product carefully to their skin after it has been cleaned thoroughly. These ingredients are effective yet gentle.


Wrinkles are quite common as we get older. Helping to reduce or even get rid of wrinkles is possible with the following steps: use grape seed oil on your skin to keep it moisturized, take Vitamin E which helps prevent the development of new wrinkles, apply coconut oil (which does wonders if applied to skin on a regular basis), and opt for products that contain Vitamin C and DMAE, known to stimulate production of new skin cells.

Using a a skincare product made from vegan and organic ingredients  such as vitamin C, and vitamin E is one of the best ways for anyone to have the kind of wrinkle free skin you desire. Facial Glow Serum made with moisturizing and all natural formula that has proven anti-aging effects such as organic aloe vera and DMAE will help you have a smoother and brighter complexion.


Rosacea is highly common skin condition that usually shows up as reddening of the facial area and the appearance of small bumps that can become larger and more painful over time. The condition is typically found in older women with fair skin but can also be seen in people of all ages and backgrounds. Finding the right treatment for this problem can help reduce facial redness and provide sufferers with much needed relief.

Here are some natural ways you can do to get rid or reduce rosacea...

Using Aloe Vera efficiently helps to get rid of rosacea and heal the skin, it can be used orally and as a topical.  Oatmeal is exceptional for rosacea treatment as it soothes and reduces redness and itching. Just take a small cup with water and add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and apply to the affected region.  Rosehip oil works wonders with treating eczema and rosacea. Just by using several drops of this oil on the affected area can help greatly.

Effective treatment of rosacea can be tricky due to the sensitivity of the skin. However, the right product can make all the difference.  Look for a skincare product that contains rose essential oil, aloe vera, and organic pomegranate oil. 

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