The Harsh Truth About Parabens

These days, you have to be careful of everything. It seems like almost every day you hear about some new danger on television, something else that you have to watch out for and it is hard to tell what is a fact and what's just an overreaction or actual false information. You should always do your research diligently and check several sources that you trust. Parabens are one thing that you should definitely be aware of, especially if you are using skin care products daily.

The Awakening

If you haven’t heard of parabens, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people haven’t heard of parabens because they only came to light in 2004 when a researcher named Dr. Philippa Darbre discovered a concentration of them in human breast cancer tumors. The research that the doctor conducted established a link between the use of parabens and cancer, although the research did not show that parabens definitively cause it. Scientists discovered that parabens - which were a common ingredient in personal care products aimed to stop bacteria from forming - interfered with the estrogen in the body and estrogen exposure is one of the causes of breast cancer.  Parabens do not directly cause cancer as the studies have shown, but do increase the chances of getting it.

Other Health Concerns

In the ensuing years since the information came to light, more research has been done about what parabens do to the rest of the body. Science has discovered that these substances have an extremely negative effect on the body in two different areas.

The first problem with parabens come in early puberty. Parabens have the distinctive ability to mimic other hormones that are in the body so they hinder the endocrine system. That means that it can’t do its job effectively and bodily functions like waste removal, digestion and metabolic rate are all affected. When parabens enter the body in the pre-teen years, when girls are experiencing puberty, it can lead to early puberty symptoms and can even cause symptoms in young boys as well. You should always check the ingredients of any health care products that your kids are using for this reason.

The other health concern is for men. Parabens can cause issues for men - particularly for those who are planning to start a family - by decreasing sperm count. A government research lab in Tokyo, Japan found that the sperm count of the subjects being tested were based upon how much of the parabens that the subject (in this case rats) had digested.

Paraben Free Organic Skincare




There are all natural and safe skincare products on the market today and there is no reason to put yourself at risk. Always check the label of any skincare product you are using carefully. Your skin health depends upon avoiding parabens whenever you can and using natural and organic products without harmful ingredients that can potentially cause issues.