Benefits Of Organic SkinCare Products

There are some really scary ingredients that are used in skin care products. The benefits of organic skin care products are numerous but there is none more important than good health. Over the last several years the potential damage of chemicals that are used in traditional beauty products has gotten the interest of quite a few doctors and scientists.  

The incidence of allergies is on the rise and there seems to be a correlation between the chemicals that we are exposed to and the development of allergies. We are exposed to chemicals on a daily basis that our body does not have the ability to process. Chemicals build up in the organs that are tasked with processing waste materials and increase the possibility of developing a chemical sensitivity.

There are unfortunately many situations where you cannot avoid exposure to chemicals but there are things that are within your control that can help you to maintain better health and better looking skin.

Benefits of Organic Skin Care Products-No Chemicals

If someone asked you to slather on some tire degreaser or to wash your face with laundry detergent you would likely look at them like they were nuts but that is exactly what you are doing when you use traditional skin care products. Natural skin care products do not use harsh petroleum based chemicals.

Consider this-research suggests that 60% of what you slather on your skin is absorbed into your body. You have to be sure that what you are putting on your body is not going to harm your body. Your skin does not have the ability to ward off harmful chemicals.  One of the key benefits of organic skin care products is that you are not being exposed to chemicals that your body cannot process.

Benefits of Organic Skin Care Products- No Cancer Link

Another one of the benefits of organic skin care products is that natural skin care products may actually reduce the risk of developing cancer. There are well known carcinogens that are used in trace amounts in many different types of skin care products. Governing bodies set the “safe limit” of carcinogens that can be present in skin care products but can there really be safe limits of chemicals that are known to cause cancer?

Additionally if we know that chemicals are not processed the same way in our body as natural ingredients then how do we know how much of a carcinogen is really safe?

Ultimately everyone should be asking themselves are they willing to take the risk with traditional chemical laden products when one of the benefits of organic skin care products is that they do not contain cancer causing chemicals.

More than 40% of skin care products that are made in the “traditional” way contain some pretty harsh chemicals that are known to be endocrine disruptors. Look at the ingredient list for the following and avoid the products that contain these:

  • PEG
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Polyoxyethylene

They are well known EDC’s (endocrine disruptive chemicals) that have been linked to breast cancer.

The studies are not complete because it is very hard to isolate the specific chemicals that are the culprits when it comes to disease. Research has shown us that the chemicals that are used in skin care products are strong enough to also be used in formulas for engine degreasing, washing laundry, cleaning tires and a full range of other activities that have nothing to do with skin care.

If a chemical is strong enough to strip the grease from an engine, how good can it really be for your skin? Of course natural skin care products are better for your skin so you look better when you choose natural, organic options. The benefits of organic skin care are well documented and it is just a smarter choice.

Where You Can Find Organic Skin-Care Products

Organic skin care products are sold just about everywhere. You definitely have a choice when it comes to what you buy because organic and all natural products and can easily find these products online and in places like Sephora. Become familiar with what organic skin care products and always check out the ingredients label to get a complete sense of what you're puttin on your skin.

You can also purchase our luxury paraben free organic skincare products that are perfect for all skin types! We put a lot of care into development of our products and make sure we use only the most natural and beneficial ingredients. We are completely Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Paraben Free, and also Vegan.

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